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Studio recording: Cherry Recording Studio uses Pro Tools HD, a computer-based, fully automated recording/editing/mixing system.  Our recording console is the award-winning Yamaha O2R, with 40 inputs, also fully automated.  In addition, we feature a variety of analog and digital tape formats which can be used with Pro Tools, providing up to 256 audio and 512 midi tracks in mono, stereo or Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

The main studios' dimensions are 15' x 20' with a 12' vaulted ceiling.  The two isolation rooms measure 8' x 10' and 5' x 8' respectively.  The control room is 12' x 15', also with a 12' vaulted ceiling.  Three independent headphone cue systems are available, and there's a 30' long hallway that's great for recording soloists. 

Location recording:  If your project involves a live performance, our remote recording truck can come right to your concert.

Editing and mastering:  Many musicians have home studios these days, but few have the equipment or experience to produce a professional sounding master.  With our computer software and large selection of outboard gear, we can dramatically improve your home recordings.  During the editing process, imperfections in the musicians' performance can be repaired or replaced.  Songs can be rearranged, lengthened or shortened.  Music can be transposed to another key, tempos can be adjusted, and pitch problems can be corrected.

During the mastering process, we add the final polish to your mixes.  Our system includes hardware like the T.C. Electronics Finalizer 96k studio mastering processor, and software plugins by Waves, iZotope and Sony.  These tools are used to optimize the dynamics of a mix, adding punch and clarity, while maximizing levels in multiple frequency ranges.  The linear phase EQ can enhance overall tonal quality with zero phase shift, and the dynamic equalizer can remove sibilance and boominess.  Also included are processors that emulate analog tube "warmth" and tape saturation, as well as Spectral Imaging to enhance the audio depth. 

Mastering is then completed in Sony Sound Forge Pro computer software, and CDs' are burned to red-book specifications with Sony CD Architect.

The mastering process is critical to a professional sounding product.  If you don't master your recording, it will SOUND like you didn't master your recording.

Music production and composition:  If you have a great song idea, but don't have the budget for studio musicians, Sony Acid Pro is for you.  Your own virtual band is just a few mouse clicks away.  This software features thousands of pre-recorded instrument loops, all royalty free.  You just edit the parts together, program the tempo and key changes, add vocals, and your song is ready to go.  We can also convert it to an mp3, Windows Media or Quicktime file for uploading to the internet.  Of course, if you do want real musicians, they're available too.  We also have writers and arrangers to help with projects that require a more elaborate production.

Restoration of older recordings:   Bring us your old tapes and records, we can restore and archive them to CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc.  Our computer system includes noise reduction software by Waves and Sony, which greatly reduces hiss, hum, buzz, and other undesirable audio.  Click and crackle removal, clipped peak restoration, as well as vinyl restoration programs are also included.

Sound effects:  Do you need some unusual audio effects for your next production?  We've built a large library of sound effects, everything from airhorns to zambonis.  Contact us with your custom SFX needs.